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Brand-Tech Programs

Maximize your potential to make a profound and sustainable impact on your brands and your organization

Brand-Tech programs to select a la carte what’s most important for you, with the possibility to pass a Brand-Tech Consultant or Brand-Specialist diploma.

Tech Engineering

Tame technology to make it serve people and processes and orchestrate systems to finally bring a tangible impact to brands.

Data & Analytics

Understand how to generate thick and big data to fuel brand decisions and build sustainable models for growth.

Marketing & Coms

Pilot brand activities across channels and generate conversations that can scale while building insights around your market and your personae.

Creative & Advertising

Drive emotions through elegant branding and fuel creative territories for brands to express themselves while building delightful experiences.

Project Management

Bring Kaizen and 6sigma methodologies to commercial operations in order to maximise the impact of growth programs.

Open Innovation

Develop an ecosystem to foster growth by orchestrating the innovation around your brand while building new value capture vehicles.


of operations



Online Programs

An online experience that takes you
on an in-depth exploration of brand-tech topics
that matter to you.

Why attend the Kainjoo Institute?

Online Advanced Certificate

Brand-Tech Consultant Certification

Mix strategic thinking with brand-tech activities that involve industry-specific diagnostics, creative approaches and emerging technologies and channels

Brand-Tech Specialists Certification
Develop a growth framework to maximise your chances of success in putting brands on orbit in a multichannel environment
Faculty & Research

Bringing Growth within regulated industries

Our team of research partners and faculty members is working towards more novelties to support commercial operations through innovative technologies and channels.


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Learning Solutions for Organisations

Partner with Kainjoo Institute
to develop an organisation that is
future-proof and wired for growth

Kainjoo Institute for Organisations

Tailored Programs for sales & marketing organisations


2-3 days to inspire your organisation and get a glimpse on what growth programs could bring to your brands.


A dedicated program tailored to your needs to train newly onboarded colleagues on a specific skill set.

Continuous learning

An online experience based on interactive group-based video and on-site meetings to help you transform the organisation from within.

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Your brand-tech career starts here

Kainjoo is one of the unique companies focusing its effort to disrupt regulated industries through elegant branding and emerging technologies and channels.

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Kainjoo is a group of companies with the sole purpose of bringing brands performances to life in complex industries. We have a global reach with partners and representatives located in all time zones. 

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