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Can I have a list of questions Kainjoo asks?

Download the list of questions

While every interviewer is different, we do have a standard list of questions you can find here.

Kainjoo uses different companies to scout talents, and they might have questions on their own. We use questions to dive into your experience, using your resume and cover as references and background checks done with your past line managers or colleagues. We use a strength-based methodology to score your interviews with a minimum of 3 reviewers asking 15 questions.

If you are looking to train for interviews, we can recommend the following resources:

Why do we use questions?

Usually, questions we ask are split in terms of knowing you as a human being, your experience, and where you’re going to see if there is a match with your development plan.

See, for us growing with you means building a long-lasting relationship, providing you as much value as you, your family and your ambition.

Regarding psychological tests, Kainjoo might request you to pass one for some high-grade roles in the company, especially when you are in a leadership position or managing people. Technical questions will be covered through tests in later stages of the interview process.

What’s next after getting questioned?

Questions are not bound to interviews. In the onboarding period, you might see your line managers continuing to ask questions to adjust the induction phase.

Please note that your answers are confidential and recorded to study your application. The retention period of a file at Kainjoo is 13 months, and according to our privacy policies, you can ask for deletion at any moment of your personal information.

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Can I have a list of questions Kainjoo asks?

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